Putting the ‘person’ back into ‘personalised learning’

SRES is unlike any other learning analytics tool – it focuses on human relationships first, and data second.

Crafted by teachers, with teachers, for teachers

SRES is built by, with, and for teachers. It understands and meets your most pressing needs for engaging students and enhancing their learning and experience, especially in large classes.

Engage and relate, personally

SRES exists to augment your teaching powers. Use it to build better teacher-student relationships through personalised communication, and better engage your students through targeted support.

SRES empowers teachers to collect, analyse, and act on data to better engage students at scale

Get important data all in one place

You know your students and context the best, so SRES lets you decide what data about your students is important, and then helps you bring these data together so you can act on it.

Fully customisable

Everyone’s learning and teaching context is different. SRES can be customised to work in yours.

Get the message out

Whether you have 20 or 2000 students, create and send fully personalised and targeted emails and messages to your students, or build a web portal so they can receive personalised feedback and support.

Works for teams, across devices

Teaching teams can enter and see data about their students when and where they need to. SRES saves data securely to the cloud, so say goodbye to scraps of paper.

Meet the SRES

What is the SRES?

What they say about the SRES

Dr Carolyn Stott

When I tried the SRES for the first time, I was blown away by the immediate reaction from my students. Both the poor performers and the outstanding ones were really pleased to have been singled out and either offered help or praised for their efforts. This is motivating for both ends of the spectrum.

The SRES is a time-efficient and appropriate way to give feedback to students, particularly large cohorts. Thanks very much; this is a terrific initiative!

Anonymous students

I really appreciate how you keep in contact and keep an eye on us. It’s such a big class, I don’t know how you do it.
Chemistry student

Dr Vanessa Hughes

The SRES has allowed me to create a personalised learning environment whereby my students receive feedback quickly and easily. With the SRES we have had a reduction in absent fails from approximately 10 a year to none. Students have also commented in their student evaluations that the personalised emails helped make them feel like their work was valued and helped them stay on track. The system is easy to use and has saved me hours of work.

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Anonymous students

It’s really good to know that someone up there is actually looking out for you. Thanks
Maths student

Dr Olivia Murphy

I’ve found the SRES to be a useful motivational tool… I was surprised and gratified by how much students valued our encouragement and recognition… It shows how helpful the SRES is in allowing us to give the kind of personalised attention to students that time wouldn’t otherwise allow.

Graeme Robinson

Our coordinators are strongly encouraging their tutors to use the system and some of the least technically inclined tutors are saying it is quick and easy to use. We are gradually moving from using the system to record student attendance in classes and exams, to recording marks in class (often using rubrics), including oral exams (OSCEs). The general consensus is that staff are initially cautious when using the SRES, but move quickly to endorsing the system.

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Award-winning approach

2022 Exemplar in Jisc Principles of good assessment and feedback report
 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Learning Analytics exemplar
2020 Reimagine Education ICT Tools for Learning and Teaching Award Gold Winner
2019 Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning
2019 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Analytics Technology exemplar
2017 Pearson ACODE Award for Innovation in Technology Enhanced Learning
2016 ASCILITE Innovation Award winner
2015 Reimagine Education ICT Tools Awards (Finalist)
2015 ASCILITE Awards for Excellence in Learning Analytics (Finalist)

Made by teachers, with love
We are teachers. We work on the SRES in our spare time, without any funding, because we believe in enhancing teacher-student relationships by using data in a meaningful and context-sensitive way.