SRES 2020 Symposium

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Wednesday 2 December | Fully online | Organised by Educational Innovation, DVC (Education) Portfolio, The University of Sydney

In a year like no other, social isolation, increased workload, and learning and teaching online have impacted teachers and students everywhere, especially in higher education. It’s even more important now to make the large class feel small, to give students more tailored support and feedback, and to connect at the personal, human level.

In this context, the SRES 2020 Symposium has a focus on Person-alising Pandemic Pedagogy at Scale.

The SRES 2020 Symposium brings together educators from the University of Sydney, La Trobe University, and other institutions to share good practice around personalising student learning with SRES. Get inspired by simple things you can do through SRES to engage students, foster positive relationships, and provide timely personalised feedback and support using relevant data.

The problem SRES sets out to solve is foundational. I am investing quite a lot of time in student support and SRES enables me to do that more efficiently without compromising the quality of support I provide.

SRES, the Student Relationship Engagement System, is built by teachers, for teachers, with teachers. From grading and feedback to personalised web portals; from peer feedback and self reflection to getting to know your cohort; from fostering positive attendance patterns to supporting all students; from leveraging Canvas data to powerful personalised emails – SRES has something that every teacher can use.

I think it’s the first time that an online system, in particular a university one, aligns so exactly with what I was looking for, and has all the functions I was looking for out of the box…

Reach out, connect better, and save time. Find out how at the SRES 2020 Symposium. SRES is freely available to institutions other than Sydney, or can also be hosted for you by our partners Crystal Delta.

… when it’s easy to feel disillusioned in higher education, SRES and its popularity is a reassuring reminder that our teachers care.

Key details

Date: Wednesday 2 December 2020 from 9:30 am AEDT (timezone conversion)

Venue: Online via Zoom

Cost: Free (registration essential)

We welcome attendees from any institution.


Not quite sure what SRES is? This quick 2 minute video will help.


Time Track 1 Track 2
9:30 am
Welcome and building relationship-rich experiences
Adam Bridgeman
9:45 am
[1A] MyBUSS6000 – Data to the people
Jimmy Northwood

How does SRES help? Customised student portal MyBUSS6000 for students to own their data and interact. Roll Book view for tutors to ac... [more]
[2A] Using data to reach out at all scales
Guien Miao

How does SRES help? SRES helps us track student participation, activity and their understanding (pre-work). It facilitates the proces... [more]
9:57 am
[1B] Engagement two ways: contacting absent students & weekly marked reflections
Pam Hurst

How does SRES help? Enables me to personalize messaging to students based on attendance, in response to short weekly reflections on l... [more]
[2B] Scaling up team marking and feedback in finance
Douglas Foster

How does SRES help? We have lots of students and lots of facilitators. SRES helps us to integrate our processes so that we can work a... [more]
10:09 am
[1C] Supporting students on progression at scale
Emily Knowles

How does SRES help? SRES allows me to provide personalised advice, information and support service referrals to students according to... [more]
[2C] Individualising feedback while reducing workload
Geraldine O'Neill

How does SRES help? Provide individualised feedback to a large cohort of 3rd year students and "easily" organise multiple demonstrato... [more]
10:21 am
[1D] Managing and communicating with large economics cohorts
Jordi Vidal-Robert

How does SRES help? Keep track of students’ activity and results, individually communicate with students, tracking attendance ... [more]
[2D] Supporting the supporters
Alix Thoeming & Siddhant Narvekar

How does SRES help? Being a Faculty ED, it helps me introduce SRES to the different schools within the faculties. Most of the emphasi... [more]
10:33 am
[1E] Delivering tailored strategy recommendations to improve clinical skills
Jennie Brentnall

How does SRES help? We have efficiently linked individualised qualitative feedback to students (also provided using SRES) with tailor... [more]
[2E] Marking at scale where each minute counts and each word matters
Maria Ishkova, Ju Li Ng, Mesepa Paul, Anya Johnson, Helena Nguyen

How does SRES help? We use it extensively for feedback, marking, welfare checks, attendance etc. Recently, we have linked Canvas mark... [more]
10:45 am
Q&A Track 1
Q&A Track 2
11:00 am
11:15 am
[3A] A complete solution to student feedback and reporting in university pathways
Brooke Donnelly & Alana Bryant

How does SRES help? SRES allows us to centralise, through a student dashboard, reporting of assessment and practice task feedback, co... [more]
[4A] Helping students engage before, during & beyond the semester
Robyn Martin & Nicole Pappalardo

How does SRES help? In a blended learning environment, students no longer have the tangible take-aways of traditional learning enviro... [more]
11:27 am
[3B] Audio feedback and student reflection in law
Tobias Barkley

How does SRES help? It helped me target messages to those who needed to hear them and was an easy way to get feedback from the studen... [more]
[4B] Simplifying staff and peer assessment and feedback
Melanie Hayes

How does SRES help? SRES helped facilitate assessment requirements on Canvas, for staff and students. Students worked in small groups... [more]
11:39 am
[3C] Digitising practical exams and rapid personalised feedback in allied health
Alycia Fong Yan

How does SRES help? SRES digitises the marking rubric for practical exams and oral case defence exams, allowing detailed, personalise... [more]
[4C] Improving the quality and speed of practical exam assessment and feedback
Andrew Leaver

How does SRES help? Valuable for practical exam marking and provision of individualised feedback on exam performance. Does i... [more]
11:51 am
[3D] Transparency and efficiency in supporting Honours students and staff
Victoria Rawlings

How does SRES help? While I have used SRES for a variety of units, this year I employed it in my role as Honours Director in the Scho... [more]
[4D] Personalised feedback to 1800 students and 25 staff
Tim Lee

How does SRES help? SRES helps us to deliver personalised feedback to students in our large cohort (~1800 students). We also use it f... [more]
12:03 pm
[3E] Creating a SRES-powered feedback centre
Benjamin Miller

How does SRES help? To help students prepare for the final essay in WRIT1001, a feedback centre (Canvas portal) was created to bring ... [more]
[4E] Tailoring feedback and support while reducing marking workload
Jedidiah Evans

How does SRES help? SRES has helped me deliver personalised help to students in a large cohort, and to tailor my support on the basis... [more]
12:15 pm
Q&A Track 1
Q&A Track 2
12:30 pm
Short break
12:35 pm
Relating and engaging at scale despite COVID
Danny Liu
12:55 pm
Long break
And farewell for those not staying for afternoon workshops which start again at 1:30 pm. The workshops are designed to give you hands-on experience wi... [more]
Time Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3
1:30 pm
Introductory workshop for first-time users
If you've been inspired by the morning talks, this workshop will give you guided hands-on experience in setting SRES up and using it in your unit of s... [more]
Intermediate workshop for current users
This workshop is for people who have used and set up SRES but perhaps only for attendance or emails. If the morning talks have inspired you to explore... [more]
Advanced masterclass
This masterclass is for existing or advanced users of the SRES and will introduce you to new features and more advanced customisation of the tool. The... [more]
3:30 pm

Organising committee

  • Adam Bridgeman
  • Alix Thoeming
  • Danny Liu
  • Eszter Kalman
  • Guien Miao
  • Kimberly Baskin
  • Nicholas Randal
  • Nicole Pappalardo
  • Peter Lok
  • Rebecca Denham
  • Ruth Weeks
  • Samantha Clarke

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We are teachers. We work on the SRES in our spare time, without any funding, because we believe in enhancing teacher-student relationships by using data in a meaningful and context-sensitive way.