From pilot to business-as-usual in a semester

SRES is continuing to be used in our Faculty – for the second semester in a row. The number of units that use the system has increased from 6 to 17, which is just over half the units offered this semester.

Data entry example from Pharmacy

A customised mobile friendly data entry interface.

The usage of the SRES has progressed from a ‘pilot test’, a ‘trial’, to in many instances, ‘business as usual’. Our coordinators are strongly encouraging their tutors to use the system and some of the least technically inclined tutors are saying it is quick and easy to use.

Another change is that staff are starting to perform some of the administrative tasks such as checking data is entered correctly, contacting students who don’t have marks recorded, setting up new columns, etc.

We are gradually moving from using the system to record student attendance in classes and exams, to recording marks in class (often using rubrics), including oral exams (OSCEs). All these tasks where we use SRES are crucial to the overall management of our students, and the tasks usually occur at very busy times during the semester. The general consensus is that staff are initially cautious when using the SRES, but move quickly to endorsing the system.

Web portal example

A web portal that provides students with a view to their own data.

Now staff are increasingly wanting to use analytics to identify trends in student performance and to allow students to compare their results against the rest of the cohort. We are taking some small steps in this direction.

While we have been using the SRES, we have requested minor changes to the system to meet the needs of our staff. The team have always been very quick to respond and implement these changes, and this has made it much easier to roll-out the system in our Faculty.

Award-winning approach

2022 Exemplar in Jisc Principles of good assessment and feedback report
 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Learning Analytics exemplar
2020 Reimagine Education ICT Tools for Learning and Teaching Award Gold Winner
2019 Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning
2019 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Analytics Technology exemplar
2017 Pearson ACODE Award for Innovation in Technology Enhanced Learning
2016 ASCILITE Innovation Award winner
2015 Reimagine Education ICT Tools Awards (Finalist)
2015 ASCILITE Awards for Excellence in Learning Analytics (Finalist)

Made by teachers, with love
We are teachers. We work on the SRES in our spare time, without any funding, because we believe in enhancing teacher-student relationships by using data in a meaningful and context-sensitive way.